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The Experience



We Collaborate

We’ll start off the process with a chat over the phone about the overall vision for your wedding.

Next, we’ll meet in person to discover your WOW factor and what holds meaning to you and your fiancé. We’ll also discuss exactly what you need help with and what I can take off of your plate. When you’re ready to move forward I’ll send over the “Save the Date” invoice and the agreement….then we start planning!

I’ll pair you with experienced and trusted vendors (florist, photographer, videographer etc) that will execute the large and small details that you deserve. I’ll send you a design guide based on your personal style that outlines each element of your special day.

Ditch the huge planning binder. We’ll share an online planning tool complete with a synced calendar, checklists to make sure we’re hitting planning milestones, a budget manager to keep track of estimates and payments due.


I Coordinate

We’ll get to know each other very well over the planning process. There will be many emails, planning meetings over wine at the studio and text messages with emojis.

I’ll serve as your vendor team’s main point of contact and over communicate with them so you’re not bombarded with planning questions.

One month prior to the big day, I’ll spearhead your venue walk-through to discuss logistics and the final details with your team. I’ll develop a 25 page detailed timeline that will outline every hour of the day and distribute it to your vendor team and wedding party so everyone’s in the loop. I’ll manage your ceremony rehearsal so there’s no confusion on the wedding day.


You Party

On your wedding day, you’re not worried or stressed about anything because you know the JEE team and your professional vendors are handling everything!

Fires are put out before you know about them, the ceremony and reception are set up just like we planned and there’s a detailed timeline that lays out the entire day. All you have to do is focus on your groom, and enjoy your Wedding with family and friends!


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“Janel is organized, timely, and professional. She became a friend during the wedding planning process. Most people have wedding withdrawals… I had Janel withdrawals! She thought of everything in advance.”

Terrica Herris, JEE Bride