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Lake Lanier Wedding | Atlanta Wedding Planner

Hey Lovers! I wanted to share the photos from Ashlee and Jakub’s Lake Lanier Wedding. They live in New York City so we planned their Atlanta wedding remotely over the span of about 8 months. If I could sum up with wedding in one word it would be JOYFUL!

Ashlee and Jakub were cheesing ear to ear all day  and the weather on the actual wedding day was perfect (August is beautiful in Atlanta) and the breeze from the Lake Lanier definitely helps. Ashlee and Jakub had a large wedding party which can sometimes cause drama but that definitely wasn’t the case. I could tell that all of their families and friends were so happy to be a part of their big day…so much so that they kept asking my team if we needed help. Of course I didn’t accept it but I thought that was super sweet. After the rustic outdoor ceremony we move the guests to the ballroom for the reception where a 12 piece band rocked the crowd throughout the night. Check out the photos of Ashlee and Jakub’s joyful wedding!

Lake Lanier Wedding PineIsle_Center_Wedding_Party[1]Lake_Lanier_Wedding_PineIsle_Center_Bridal_Party_5[1]Lake_Lanier_Wedding_PineIsle_Center_Wedding_Party_2[1]Lake Lanier Wedding- Janel Elise Events 3Groom_Lake_Lanier_Wedding_PineIsle_Center_Wedding_Party[1]Lake Lanier Wedding- Janel Elise Events 13Ring_Bearer_Lake_Lanier_Wedding_PineIsle_Center_Wedding_Party[1]Lake Lanier Wedding- Janel Elise Events 10Lake Lanier Wedding- Janel Elise Events 1 Wedding_Ceremony_Chair_Decorations_Lake_Lanier_Wedding_PineIsle_Center.jpgjpgFeature ImagePurple_Bouquet_Lake_Lanier_Wedding_PineIsle_CenterWedding_Welcome_Sign_Lake_Lanier_Wedding_PineIsle_Center Lake_Lanier_Wedding_Memorial_Table Lake_Lanier_Wedding_PineIsle_Center_Cocktail_Hour_CenterpiecesLake_Lanier_Wedding_PineIsle_Center_Reception[1]Bride_Groom_Toast_Lake_Lanier_Wedding_PineIsle_Center[1] Lake_Lanier_Wedding_PineIsle_Center_Wedding_Recption_3[1] Lake Lanier Wedding- Janel Elise Events 12

Vendor Team

Wedding Planner: Janel Elise Events
Venue: Lake Lanier
Florist: KC Amerson
Lighting: AMPD Atlanta
Band: Brown Child Entertainment

~ XO


Why I Only Plan 10 Weddings a Year: Atlanta Wedding Planner

Because December and January is the slow season in the wedding industry, I spent time working on my marketing plan, perfecting my processes and setting goals for my business. 2015 was a great year for me, but I have high expectations for myself and where I want my business to go. My natural inclination is to look at the number of weddings I planned last year and set a goal to do more! But, after taking a step back and looking back over my core values, I realized that more weddings doesn’t equal a better business.

why i only work with 10 clients a year


Just Plan Fabulous Weddings

Instead of putting my energy into taking on more clients, I resolve to give the clients that I have an excellent client experience. By capping the number of weddings I plan at 10, I’m able to love on my couples as much as possible and be proactive with their needs, not reactive.

New Full Planning Clients

I absolutely love my Month-Of couples, but as my business grows I’ve noticed that more Brides are looking for full planning help. To tell you the truth, I love stepping in at the beginning of the planning process and develop the look, feel and flow of the wedding day. My Full Planning clients require a lot more time, detail and attention and I want to make sure that I’m fully available to them.

Work/Life Balance

I’ve always been a competitive person! I want to constantly improve and be the best at anything I do. But 2016 will be a huge transition for me (I’ll share a big announcement a little later). I realize that it’s going to be important that I’m not only fully present for my JEE Brides but also for my friends and family.

Clear Destination

I have a clear destination of where Janel Elise Events is going and the lifestyle I want to lead. I’m excited about the future and my commitment planning  fabulous weddings for 10 crazy-in-love couples.

I still have dates available in June, Aug-Dec. If you’re interested in getting started I’d love for you to contact me today!

Happy Planning


Georgian Terrace Hotel Wedding | Atlanta Wedding Planner

Hey Lovers! I’d love to share photos of Olga and Hayelom’s epic multi-day wedding with you! After meeting with this couple and seeing their connection, witty banter and love story I knew that I wanted to work with them! I was also excited for the vision of a wedding weekend filled with rich cultural and religious traditions from Ethiopia and the Philippines.

Day 1 – Ethiopian Ceremony

Olga and Hayelom’s wedding weekend started off in an Ethiopian Christian Orthodox Church.

Atlanta-Wedding-Planner-Georgian Terrace-Wedding- Janel Elise Events Atlanta-Wedding-Planner-Georgian Terrace-Wedding- Janel-Elise- Events-Ethiopian-Wedding-6 Atlanta-Wedding-Planner-Georgian Terrace-Wedding- Janel-Elise- Events-Ethiopian-Ceremony-2 Atlanta-Wedding-Planner-Georgian Terrace-Wedding- Janel-Elise- Events-5 Atlanta-Wedding-Planner-Georgian Terrace-Wedding- Janel-Elise- Events-8

Day 2 - Traditional Ceremony

The 2nd day we moved to the traditional wedding and incorporated Filipino traditions

at the Catholic Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.

Atlanta-Wedding-Planner-Georgian Terrace-Wedding- Janel-Elise- Events-First-Note Atlanta-Wedding-Planner-Georgian Terrace-Wedding- Janel-Elise- Events-Rings Atlanta-Wedding-Planner-Georgian Terrace-Wedding- Janel-Elise- Events-Ethiopian-Ceremony Atlanta-Wedding-Planner-Georgian Terrace-Wedding- Janel-Elise- Events-6Atlanta-Wedding-Planner-Georgian Terrace-Wedding- Janel-Elise- EventsAtlanta-Wedding-Planner-Catholic-Shrine-of-the-Immaculate-Conception-Ceremony-Janel-Elise- Events-5 Atlanta-Wedding-Planner-Catholic-Shrine-of-the-Immaculate-Conception-Ceremony-Janel-Elise- Events-4 Atlanta-Wedding-Planner-Catholic-Shrine-of-the-Immaculate-Conception-Ceremony-Janel-Elise- Events-3 Atlanta-Wedding-Planner-Georgian Terrace-Wedding- Janel-Elise- Events-7 Atlanta-Wedding-Planner-Georgian Terrace-Wedding- Janel-Elise- Events-Color-Wedding-ShoesAtlanta-Wedding-Planner-Shrine-Of-The-Immaculate-Conception-Wedding- Janel-Elise- Events-

After the ceremony, the guests transitioned to the Georgian Terrace Hotel for

the Wedding Reception.

Atlanta-Wedding-Planner-Georgian Terrace-Wedding- Janel-Elise- Events-3Atlanta-Wedding-Planner-Georgian Terrace-Wedding- Janel-Elise- Events-Stairwell-ShotAtlanta-Wedding-Planner-Georgian Terrace-Wedding- Janel-Elise- Events-White-and-Gold-Wedding Atlanta-Wedding-Planner-Georgian Terrace-Wedding- Janel-Elise- Events-First-DanceAtlanta-Wedding-Planner-Georgian Terrace-Wedding- Janel-Elise- Events-Toasts Atlanta-Wedding-Planner-White-and-Gold-Wedding-Cake-Janel-Elise- EventsAtlanta-Wedding-Planner-Catholic-Shrine-of-the-Immaculate-Conception-Ceremony-Janel-Elise- Events-3.jpg Atlanta-Wedding-Planner-Shrine-Of-The-Immaculate-Conception-Wedding- Janel-Elise- Events-.jpg

Olga and Hayelom’s wedding was filled with love, laughter and family and I was truly

honored to be a part of it.

Vendor Team

Atlanta Wedding Planner - Janel Elise Events
Photographer - Yoshiko Photography
Videographer - Gesar Dorji
Venues - Catholic Shrine of the Immaculate Conception & The Georigan Terrace Hotel
Cake- Simply Irresistible
Florist- Peachtree Petals
Music - Premiere Entertainment




P.S. - If you’re looking for an Atlanta Wedding Planner let’s connect!

Wedding Workshop Recap- Wedding Creative Sessions

After months of planning and promoting, October 11th finally arrived and it was more than we could ever imagine! Wedding professionals from all over the U.S. were inspired, motivated, encouraged, and educated. We worked hard to make sure we aligned ourselves with the Wedding Creative Sessions mission and delivered as much value as possible!

A good event engages the senses and we used them to enhance the workshop experience.



We started the afternoon with surprise head shots from Michelle Davina Photography on the patio of the swanky Loews Hotel Atlanta.

We knew we wanted to create a welcoming and beautiful environment and leave a lasting first impression of the WCS experience.

Ashlee of Snazzy Events went above our expectations with a gorgeous floral design including fully bloomed hydrangeas, roses, and orchids for our lunch estate table. Gaitlin Paper Co. provided the perfect menu cards and place cards for every attendee.

Low res table shot



We wanted to give everyone an opportunity to get to know each other so we started out with a plated lunch. Don’t get me started on how good the food was! Everyone literally cleaned their plate. As wedding industry pros, we know good service is important and the staff at the Loews Hotel definitely took great care of us!


After enjoying an amazing lunch and chatting among ourselves about life and business we moved to our session room for the remainder of the day.  The attendees were greeted with lovely swag boxes containing an abundance of discounted products & services from Rosemary Watson Productions, Prima Atlanta and Captivating Calligraphy by L.A. The box also included yummy treats by Not a Crumb Exquisite Cakes, a copy of the current Oh Brides magazine, and oh-so fragrant body products by Sweet Olivia.




A few lucky girls also won some special giveaways such as a Stella & Dot bracelet & tumbler, a Lucky + Lovely t-shirt and mug.





To start the session we brought up our panel and asked them questions ranging from where their inquiries came from as a novice…to how many times they follow up with potential clients. Everyone really enjoyed how honest and open Ashley, Gail and Erica were with their practices and industry experience!




Next, Ashley and I went through our detailed workbook and guided everyone through the exact steps to have a successful consultation.



Lastly, we brought the panel back up to get their response to sticky consultation scenarios. They shared how they handle the price-shopping bride, the idea-fisher, the Groom-Zilla consultation and so much more. It was such a fun time!


At the end of the session, we invited everyone to join us at Bar Eleven for more conversation and cocktails. If I’ve learned anything, the connections you make through networking are priceless (that’s how Ashley and I met). Everyone stayed for a least an hour just sharing experiences and offering encouragement and advice. We ended the evening with hugs, smiles, and new relationships!

low res group photo

All in all, the Wedding Creative Sessions was everything we could have imagined and more! After looking through the testimonials from the attendees, Ashley and I realized we applied the same principles for the session that we use for our clients:

1. Work with expert creative partners
2. Add an element of surprise
3. Deliver what you promise
4. Have fun
5. Last but not least, listen more than you speak

We ended the evening with hugs, smiles, and new relationships! To see more pictures make sure you follow us on Facebook & Instagram. Search for #WeddingCreativeSessions.

Janel & Ashley

We want to thank all of our sponsors, panelists and attendees for making “How to Kill the Consultation” a HUGE success!

Additional sponsors include:
Jenkins Rose– Graphic Design & Website
Corrianne Elizabeth – Ashley & Janel’s Make-up
The Wedding Stylist – Ashley & Janel’s attire
Focal Blue Wedding Films – Video Coverage
Perfect Wedding Guide – Media Partner




Ventanas Wedding | Atlanta Wedding Planner

Hey Lovers! I’d love to share Jasmine & Ray’s Ventanas Atlanta Wedding with you.

Jasmine and Ray are the cutest couple you’ll ever meet. They were cool and collected throughout the entire planning process and their family was super sweet.

Ventanas Atlanta is absolutely one of my favorite venues in Atlanta. The views are absolutely spectacular and I love the modern feel. Every guest that steps foot out of the elevator entrance has an immediate WOW reaction.

Fun fact: The morning of the wedding we set the up the ceremony chairs on the rooftop in a perfect semi circle and by the afternoon it started raining. The staff and I had to run outside and move the chairs in while it was pouring down. Luckily we hadn’t put the chair pads down and the rain stopped before the ceremony so no one knew the wiser. Huge thanks to the vendor team who made it all happen.

Ventanas-Wedding-Atlanta-Janel-Elise-Events (3)



Ventanas-Wedding-Atlanta-Janel-Elise-Events (4)

Ventanas-Rooftop-Wedding-Alanta-Janel-Elise-Events (5)

Ventanas-Atlanta-Rooftop-Wedding-Janel-Elise-Events (4)

Ventanas-Rooftop-Wedding-Alanta-Janel-Elise-Events (3)

Ventanas-Atlanta Wedding-Helipad-Janel-Elise-Events





Ventanas-Atlanta-Wedding-Sparkler- Departure-Janel-Elise-Events

Vendor Team:

Atlanta Wedding Planner: Janel Elise Events
Florals: Let’s Celebrate
Photography: Dolce Amor Photography
Videography: J & J Digital Media
Catering: Phenomenal Food by Chef Holly
Cake: Perfect Wedding Cake

Happy Planning!


P.S.- If you’re looking for an Atlanta Wedding Planner don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m here to help!

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

I love when my favorite celebrities and entrepreneurs give a glimpse into their lives. Even though I’m FAR from a celebrity, I thought I’d share 10 things  that you might not know about me. 

1. I’m a military brat. I was born in Hawaii and I moved every 4 years after that.

2. I was a dance class fanatic when I was younger. I took tap, jazz and ballet for years! My mom wouldn’t let me transition to toe shoes because she was afraid they would ruin my feet. I appreciate that now lol.

3. I absolutely hate cooked orange foods like yams, sweet potatoes and cooked carrots. I’m not sure why.

4. I have a little sister named Tamara. We have totally different personalities but we’re super silly when we get together.


Tamara and me

5. I thought I wanted to be a News Anchor on CNN. I have a degree in Communications/Broadcast Journalism and even worked at a Television Station for a couple of years until I came to my senses.

6. I’m addicted to ALL of the reality shows on Bravo. The Real Housewives of every city, Top Chef, Million Dollar Listing…you name it, I love it!

7. I was voted the Prom Queen and Most Athletic my senior year of High School.

8. I’m a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. Through my sorority, I’ve found friends for life!


9. I truly believe if I met Beyonce we would be BFF’s and she would invite me to travel the world with her.

10. Every birthday I drag my friends along to try a new adventure. I’ve been parasailing, white water rafting, trapeze flying and zip lining. I plan to jump out of a plane when I turn 35.




Now I’d like to get to know you better! If you’re looking for an Atlanta Wedding Planner let’s chat!

Happy Planning!


Hyatt Atlanta Perimeter at Villa Christina Wedding | Atlanta Wedding Planner

Hey Lovers! You’re going to love this one! I remember meeting Ashlee and her mom at the Munaluchi Tour and from talking with her I knew that she was my type of Bride.

Throughout the entire process Ashlee was open to new ideas but she also had a good sense of how she wanted her Wedding to look and feel. My favorite element was the circle ceremony and the marriage covenant that she displayed at the reception.

Huge thanks to Taun Henderson for the the gorgeous photos. Check it out!

Hyatt-Atlanta-Perimeter-At-Villa-Christina-Wedding-Janel-Elise-Events (4)Purple-Wedding-Shoes-Hyatt-Atlanta-Perimeter-At-Villa-ChristinaHyatt-Atlanta-Perimeter-At-Villa-Christina-Wedding-First-Look-Janel-Elise-EventsHyatt-Atlanta-Perimeter-At-Villa-Christina-Wedding-First-Look-Janel-Elise-Events (2){WEDDING TIP} Before the Ceremony Ashley had her Bridesmaids and Minister pray over her to keep the Lord first in her life, her husband's life, then over their marriage♥ You could also have your guests pray over you and your husband during the ceremony or before the send off. #jeebride #janeleliseevents #atlantaweddingplanner Photo Credit: @taunhendersonHyatt-Atlanta-Perimeter-At-Villa-Christina-Wedding-Janel-Elise-Events-7Hyatt-Atlanta-Perimeter-At-Villa-Christina-Wedding-Janel-Elise-EventsHyatt-Atlanta-Perimeter-At-Villa-Christina-Wedding-Circle-Ceremony-Janel-Elise-EventsHyatt-Atlanta-Perimeter-At-Villa-Christina-Circle-Ceremony-Janel-Elise-EventsHyatt-Atlanta-Perimeter-At-Villa-Christina-Circle-Ceremony-Janel-Elise-Events (2)Hyatt-Atlanta-Perimeter-At-Villa-Christina-Wedding-Ceremony-Janel-Elise-EventsHyatt-Atlanta-Perimeter-At-Villa-Christina-Ceremony-Janel-Elise-Events-


Hyatt-Atlanta-Perimeter-At-Villa-Christina-Reception-Janel-Elise-EventsHyatt-Atlanta-Perimeter-At-Villa-Christina-Chandelier-Janel-Elise-EventsHyatt-Atlanta-Perimeter-At-Villa-Christina-Wedding-Reception-Janel-Elise-Events (3)Hyatt-Atlanta-Perimeter-At-Villa-Christina-Wedding-Reception-Janel-Elise-EventsHyatt-Atlanta-Perimeter-At-Villa-Christina-Wedding-Reception-Janel-Elise-Events (2)

Hyatt-Atlanta-Perimeter-At-Villa-Christina-Wedding-First-Look-Janel-Elise-Events (3)Hyatt-Atlanta-Perimeter-At-Villa-Christina-Wedding-Janel-Elise-Events (2)



Atlanta Wedding Planner: Janel Elise Events

Venue: Hyatt Atlanta Perimeter at Villa Christina

Florist:  Oh!Cassions + Marquita Bent & Joely Tejeda

Makeup Artist: Letitia Bent

Photographer: Taun Henderson

Lighting: EEP Events

Music: DJ Adam

P.S. - If you’re looking for an Atlanta Wedding Planner let’s chat! 

J.E.E. Anniversary Giveaway!

Hey Party People! Can you believe that it’s my 3 year Anniversary! Whoop Whoop! I took a leap of faith and started Janel Elise Events 3 years ago and I’ve been moving and shaking ever since! Throughout these years I’ve learned from my mistakes and celebrated my successes (which I will share with you in a later blog post) but my mission has always stayed the same….

J.E.E. Mission

  • Listen to my clients needs
  • Give generously and make an impact
  • Offer creative solutions and inspiration
  • Handle every task with class, integrity and honesty

Since I’ve been blessed over the years….I’ve decided to bless 3 future Brides by giving away some of my favorite things! Enter below to win!

Neon Heart Ban.do Tote Bag - Winner Announced! Winner Announced - Jamila Johnson of Atlanta

Fill this fun tote bag with your wedding binder and take it with you to all of your vendor meetings. I guarantee you’ll get compliments.


Love Never Fails Gold Foil Print from the Lara Casey Shop Print - Winner Announced - Chirre Barksdale

I’m obsessed with anything that has gold foil and I absolutely love this print. Can you see it on your bookshelf right next to your favorite wedding photo?


Wifey Tank Top from the ThreeTwo1 Shop - Winner Announced- Ebonny Mack

Wear this tank while you’re “sweating for the wedding” or just out running wedding errands. You can even wear it after the Wedding which is a bonus!


I’ll announce one winner every Monday on Instagram starting on week on 8/31.

Here’s how to enter:

    1. Subscribe to my newsletter and receive weekly Wedding tips and inspiration (don’t worry…if you’re already on my list skip this step and go to #2.)
    2. Like my IG page
    3. Cross your fingers

And that’s it! Good luck!

Happy Planning,



P.S. - If you’re looking for an Atlanta Wedding Planner call, text, or email me today!


My new endeavor: Wedding Creative Sessions

So I’m super excited to announce my new endeavor, Wedding Creative Sessions!

Wedding Creative Sessions are a series of focused-agenda workshops for wedding pros looking to grow their business in an intimate setting.  We hand-pick experienced speakers who are willing to share their expertise to help you flourish your brand!


Registration is now open for our October 11th Session “How to Kill the Consultation”. If you’re in the Wedding Industry and are interested in learning more make sure you sign up for our email list!

Happy Planning

~ Janel Elise

When to hire your Wedding Vendors


Wedding Tip


Hire all of your major vendors BEFORE you worry about the design and decor of your Wedding. Go ahead and lock in your Wedding Planner, Photographer, Videographer (those that most likely can only handle one Wedding a Day) then you’ll have a better sense of where you are with your budget and your Wedding Style.