Top 5 Things that Rocked My World - February Edition


Janel Elise in a Bowtie

#1 - So I stepped out on faith and shot a video to enter Idieh Designs Brand Consultation Contest. I dressed like Justin Timberlake and changed the words to “Suit and Tie” to tell explain why I needed the consultation and guess what?? I WON!   And I’m keeping the Bow Tie :-)

The Not Wedding

#2 - I attended the Not Wedding  at the W Buckhead and had a great time! It’s basically an alternative to a Bridal Show in the form of a fake wedding. I loved the Ceremony backdrop shown in the picture. If you’re looking for Inspiration and talented vendors for your Wedding, definitely check out the Not Wedding.

Janel Elise and Tamara Grant

#3 - My little sister’s Birthday was on the 5th so we rented a Cabin in Pigeon Forge, TN to celebrate. We also decided to go skiing! I consider myself a pretty good athlete but Skiing literally kicked my but! It’s freakin hard!!

Unique Sash Tie

#4 - Here’s one of my favorite pins this month. What a cute sash treatment! I would use this for only the Bride and Groom Chairs.


#5 - Color inspiration for Weddings and Events can come from anywhere and this crystal is absolutely beautiful! God is my favorite artist :-)

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Happy Planning!

~Janel Elise






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