New Video: The Sweetest Surprise Proposal Video Ever!

When I saw this video of my July Couple’s proposal I literally almost shed a tear! You guys HAVE to watch this! This groom and can sing!!! Here’s a little back story written by the Jamal and Carmen.

“Carmen and Jamal were living in different cities: Carmen in Auburn, AL and Jamal in Tallahassee, FL. They always looked forward to anytime they spent together, especially on little getaways. Carmen thought they were just going to spend another nice weekend in Atlanta. She even made an itinerary for the trip! Little did she know a surprise was awaiting her at “Dinner and Jazz TBA”. She didn’t know that Jamal had secretly contacted the Jazz club and the management for the band to play this selection for a proposal.  While Carmen is thinking that Jamal is just “being himself”, he’s actually on the microphone with something else on his mind…”

There engagement photos are also super cute…I’ll share those with you next week.

Happy Planning!

~Janel Elise

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