J.E.E. TV VIDEO: How to Have the Perfect Wedding Sparkler Departure!

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So you want to have picture perfect sparkler exit before you hop in your getaway car and go to your honeymoon! But before you do, check out my Top 6 Tips:

1. Buy the 36″ Wedding Sparklers. You want them as long as possible. The sparkler exit is all about timing and you want the Wedding Sparklers to stay lit as long as possible.

2. Buy Wedding Sparklers which are usually “smokeless”…not  traditional firework sparklers. Your photographer will love you for it because they produce less smoke and they won’t get in the way of your pictures

3. Make sure your guests create a wide walkway and hold the sparklers up, not out. This is fire people…and we don’t want to have a Micheal Jackson Pepsi Commercial Moment!

4. Light every 3rd or 4th person’s Wedding Sparkler and then ask everyone to share the spark.

5. Have a container close by with a little bit of water at the bottom to collect the sparklers after the departure is over.

6. Walk down the walkway…don’t run. Take your time and savor the moment… that way your photographer can get all the shots that they need.


So do those things and you’ll have the perfect sparkler exit!

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