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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

I love when my favorite celebrities and entrepreneurs give a glimpse into their lives. Even though I’m FAR from a celebrity, I thought I’d share 10 things  that you might not know about me. 

1. I’m a military brat. I was born in Hawaii and I moved every 4 years after that.

2. I was a dance class fanatic when I was younger. I took tap, jazz and ballet for years! My mom wouldn’t let me transition to toe shoes because she was afraid they would ruin my feet. I appreciate that now lol.

3. I absolutely hate cooked orange foods like yams, sweet potatoes and cooked carrots. I’m not sure why.

4. I have a little sister named Tamara. We have totally different personalities but we’re super silly when we get together.


Tamara and me

5. I thought I wanted to be a News Anchor on CNN. I have a degree in Communications/Broadcast Journalism and even worked at a Television Station for a couple of years until I came to my senses.

6. I’m addicted to ALL of the reality shows on Bravo. The Real Housewives of every city, Top Chef, Million Dollar Listing…you name it, I love it!

7. I was voted the Prom Queen and Most Athletic my senior year of High School.

8. I’m a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. Through my sorority, I’ve found friends for life!


9. I truly believe if I met Beyonce we would be BFF’s and she would invite me to travel the world with her.

10. Every birthday I drag my friends along to try a new adventure. I’ve been parasailing, white water rafting, trapeze flying and zip lining. I plan to jump out of a plane when I turn 35.




Now I’d like to get to know you better! If you’re looking for an Atlanta Wedding Planner let’s chat!

Happy Planning!


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